Do you want to be the show stealer of the party? Nothing can be more breathtaking and eye-catching than orange eye makeup. So, add on to the fun or holiday mood by including orange eye makeup into your beauty regime! Combine your favorite hues with orange and create your own style. After all, creativity has no limit!

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Orange Eye Makeup Method:

  1. Before starting working on your eyes, prepare your face by cleaning it with a cleanser.
  2. Apply a layer of foundation using a brush. Conceal acne and other marks and blemishes using a concealer.
  3. Make your face ready using a facial makeup powder. Matte effect looks the best. There are various colored powders available in the market to suit different skin tones. Choose one that best suits your skin tone.

Doing Up The Eye:

  1. Apply primer all around the eye lids and then start applying orange eye shadow in a circular motion.
  1. Apply it towards the inner corner of the lid, if you are mixing it with any other color.
  1. Blend well. Now use a warm color (like brown) and blend it with orange. Brown should be applied towards the outer end of the lids.
  1. You may also use colors such as gold, rust, and other warm tones of the same family as orange.
  1. You may also give your eye shadow a smoky effect by applying black eye shadow to brown or any other warm color that you have applied along with orange.
  1. Use your fingers or a sponge to blend the black color with the crease of the eye.
  1. Now, use the same colors on your lower eyelid as well, starting from orange, brown, and finally black.
  1. In order to make your eyes appear big, use a highlighting eye shadow just under your eyebrows.
  1. Next is the turn of a black eyeliner to give depth to your eyes. Use a pencil liner on the lids and waterline.
  1. Mascara will complete the magical look. Use black mascara for a dramatic finish. If you want to make your eyes even more attractive, fix artificial eyelashes.
  2. Just apply a subtle lipstick or merely a lip gloss, and you are ready to rock any party!

Basic Tips:

Here are certain orange tones that would suit different skin tones. Check out what would suit your skin tone.

1. If You Have A Fair Skin Tone:

2. If You Have Medium Dark (Olive) Skin Tone:

Those who have olive skin tone find it easier to carry off orange eye makeup. The best tone of orange that would go with your skin color would be coral orange. Use matte finish for better results. You may also mix orange and pink from lighter to darker tones and create a fantastic effect.

3. If You Have A Dark Skin Tone:

Tangerine orange is your shade of orange eye shadow. Tangerine will stand out only if applied in the correct style. Start by applying layers. The first step should be a sheer application of the color, starting with the lids towards the crease. In the final step, apply a little bronze or gold for a beautiful and classy effect.


Does this sound similar – You finally reach college, remove your helmet and see hair sticking up?

Would you like to know what they are? Go ahead and read!

How To Get Rid Of Flyaway Hair:

1. Take Great Care Of Your Hair:

The first and most important thing you need to do, in this case, is take good care of your hair. And by that, we are not just talking about using the best shampoos and conditioners, but also about improving the overall health of your hair. Drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies and use a nice hair mask at least twice a week. Also, find those hair products that suit your hair. A good conditioner will not just moisturize your hair but also prevent flyaways.

2. Stop Using Plastic Combs:

Do yourself a favour and get rid of all those plastic combs at home. Plastic combs only make your hair stand. Try a metal comb or a brush instead. A difference will be felt over time.

3. Use A Serum:

 Never forget to use a serum while trying to comb your hair. Not only does it reduce tangles, but also makes your hair visibly soft, smooth and glossy. It prevents hair flyaways for sure and helps manage your hair throughout the day. A few examples of good serums are Silk n Shine, Livon and L’Oreal Paris. You could also experiment with international products if that’s what you like.

4. Use Water:

Now some of you are going to be a little surprised hearing this, but water can actually act as a simple and effective solution to all your hair problems. So, if you are heading out for a meeting and your hair still looks absolutely wild and bizarre, pop into the bathroom and use some water for your tresses. Smooth your strands with water to prevent flyaway hair. Make sure you are not overdoing it. Nobody should notice wet hair after all.

5. Braid Your Hair At Home:

When you’re at home, learn to manage your hair by making braids or plaits. You can go for fish plaits (just a suggestion). Your hair will look so much more managed and well kept when you dress your hair well. If you have thick hair, you can actually plait your hair before leaving. Try a few interesting styles if you are hanging out with your girlfriends.

6. Pin It Up:

If your hair is growing, we are sure there are some sections that can be very annoying. We mean you have new hair on all sides, and now it looks all bad. You don’t want to cut it off because it’s hair after all. So what do you do? Simple! Just pin it up! Buy a fresh set of bobby pins and push back all those bothersome tresses that are annoying you. Problem solved right there!


Yes, we can do it! You may have seen the rockabilly woman talk about the feminist rant and strength of being at par with her male counterparts. But we aren’t here to lecture you on feminism; rather we would talk about the rockabilly makeup – a look so hot and haute, it would stun your world around.

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Grab Eyeballs

The best part of having the rockabilly makeup is that it stuns the world around, and you get to look like an adorable porcelain doll too. In addition to that, there is always an edgy look to flaunt that is quite deadly, we say. It flatters your feminine features, and you tend to look quite girly too.

Welcome Back Curves

The rockabilly makeup flaunts your curves, and also brings about the skinny jean looks with black and red combo makeup too. You can get quirky with your ensemble, wear ballerinas or flat platform shoes, get a little more funky with your hair, and bring back the good old forties look too.

Aspects Of The Rockabilly Makeup Look Defined

Let’s now take a look and learn a little more about how to do rockabilly makeup.

  1. The look is that of a porcelain doll; the eye makeup needs to be strong and the lips, a dominant red shade. The look should be that of a stern ‘I want it, and I know how to get it’.
  1. Start by using a moisturizer on your face and the neck, which helps keep the look long-lasting. To achieve a flawless look, you would need a reputed foundation, which would spread across the face, the lids and the neck, evenly.
  1. Once the foundation has been applied well, go ahead and use a translucent powder across the facial surface. Keep in mind to achieve the porcelain look – you need to use tones that are one or two shades lighter than that of the face.
  1. Coming to the eyes, we would need the thickness for the upper lashes, and that can be done using branded eyeliners or a pencil. Start from the inner corners, all the way to the outside corner of the eyes. Be on the lash line when you use the pencil and apply a little loose powder to secure the look; no smudging allowed! The lower lid should be left untouched, which brings the vintage glam look.
  1. Mascara, of course, would be your BFF for the rockabilly makeup. Use a volumizing mascara to bring out the battling of the eyelids, quite the girly way. For this, you would need a double or a triple coat of mascara for the lashes – only on the lash ends and not the full lash, or else they would clump!
  1. For the lips, as mentioned, they would be defined and bold – choose a deep dark blood red for the lips. The inner portion needs to be soft. Thus, contouring the lips would help, and filling the insides with the colour would be the recommended way.
  1. The hair should be the 40’s way- elaborate, quirky and fun. Using a lot of pins for the neat updos and the ponytail look is the norm. The rockabilly makeup is of trendy colours and funky styles. And you really wouldn’t have to try too hard to bring on that look.

Thinking of interesting ways to make some fine mascara at home? We have the perfect recipes for you. No, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money buying something too expensive at the cosmetics store anymore! These DIY mascara recipes are easy to do, and they promise to last very long!

How To Make Mascara At Home

The Natural Mascara recipe is much simpler than you’d like to think. It is very organic, comes with no side effects, and will definitely add more beauty and appeal to your eyes. Also, it creates a beautiful texture when you apply it. You are going to love this when it’s done.


  • Black mineral powder
  • Bentonite clay – to prevent the mascara from hardening and make it darker in colour
  • Aloe Vera – to create smoothness and a beautiful texture
  • Lavender essential oil – in order to add some wonderful fragrance to the mascara and to make your lashes grow
  • A simple mascara container. You could use an old lip gloss or lip balm container if you like
  • A tiny spatula
  • Simple medicine dropper

Thinking of interesting ways to make some fine mascara at home? We have the perfect recipes for you. No, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money buying something too expensive at the cosmetics store anymore! These DIY mascara recipes are easy to do, and they promise to last very long!

How To Make Mascara At Home

The Natural Mascara recipe is much simpler than you’d like to think. It is very organic, comes with no side effects, and will definitely add more beauty and appeal to your eyes. Also, it creates a beautiful texture when you apply it. You are going to love this when it’s done.


  • Black mineral powder
  • Bentonite clay – to prevent the mascara from hardening and make it darker in colour
  • Aloe Vera – to create smoothness and a beautiful texture
  • Lavender essential oil – in order to add some wonderful fragrance to the mascara and to make your lashes grow
  • A simple mascara container. You could use an old lip gloss or lip balm container if you like
  • A tiny spatula
  • Simple medicine dropper

Homemade Clay Mascara

The homemade clay mascara is quite easy to prepare when compared to the mascara recipe given above. It works and makes your eyes look much more beautiful and attractive. Try it right away! Also, they fit into your budget, so you have hardly anything to worry about.


  • 4 and a half teaspoons of black clay
  • Half a teaspoon of red reef clay
  • A pinch of guar gum
  • One-fourth teaspoon of glycerine
  • One teaspoon of water


  1. Bring all the clays together in a small dish. Add the guar gum to the mixture as well.
  2. Some vegetable and glycerine water should come next.
  3. Mash to combine them together. You can also add more water if you like.
  4. Next you will have to store the mascara tube.
  5. Most people use 5-gram jars, but if you have tiny old containers, feel free to use them as well.
  6. Remove the excess.
  7. When you are applying mascara, make sure you are experimenting with different kinds of brushes. If a spikey one works best for you, use that. If you like silicone, that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Do you have dry hair that tends to become frizzy after every wash? Don’t worry, as there is a simple way to solve that. You can use olive oil to treat your dry hair! Not just that – the oil even helps enhance the quality of your hair.

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Olive Oil For Dry Hair

Olive oil offers the perfect blend of nutrition and conditioning to the hair, thereby restoring the natural sheen and thickness of even the most damaged and brittle hair. Olive oil works two ways to enhance the beauty of your crowning glory. Firstly, it strengthens your hair, and secondly, it improves the overall flexibility of the hair shaft making it easily manageable.

Here are some tips on how to treat dry hair with olive oil:

1. Olive Oil As Scalp Stimulant

Olive oil is used for massaging the scalp and the hair, as it provides nourishment to the hair and invigorates the scalp. This makes the hair healthier, manageable and vibrant. Oils like olive oil help moisturize dry and brittle hair, naturally. For better effect, you can add a small amount of olive oil while styling your hair to lock the moisture in your dry hair strands and make them lustrous.

2. Shampoo With Olive Oil

Olive oil has the natural capacity to rejuvenate hair shafts and keep them hydrated. You can find a number of shampoos containing olive oil as their main ingredient. Apart from oil, the olive leaf extract is equally beneficial in increasing the growth of the hair and making it soft. It also adds sheen, moisture, and health to lack luster and dry hair.

3. Conditioning Hair With Olive Oil

Damaged, dry and brittle hair needs regular conditioning and nourishment so that it can bounce back to its natural look and strength. Experts recommend conditioning your hair using olive oil at-least once a month, as it quickly penetrates the shaft of the hair and locks the fatty acids within the follicles making them healthy and full of volume. The use of olive oil as a conditioner is extremely beneficial to counteract the damaging and the drying effect caused by the hair colorants, UV rays, salt water or chlorine and hair dryers. Olive oil can also be used to treat cradle cap in infants!

Tips For Using Olive Oil For Better Results

1. Hot Oil Treatment

Take ¼ cup of olive oil and warm it in a microwave. Slowly pour the oil carefully over your head and massage the scalp gently. Simultaneously run the fingers through the length of your hair so that the moisture of the oil is spread evenly. Make sure to use an adequate amount of olive oil for the treatment so that the hair and the scalp are saturated with oil. Keep it on for half an hour and wash your hair with nourishing shampoo.

2. Intensive Treatment For Extremely Dry Hair

If your hair is extremely brittle and damaged, you need a highly intensive hair conditioning treatment. Add an equal amount of olive oil and boiling water in a blender and blend at high speed until the oil and water are emulsified. Massage the warm mixture on your scalp and hair and wrap your head with a terry towel or plastic wrap for around 15 to 30 minutes. You may need to shampoo your hair twice for removing the complete residues of the oil after the treatment.

3. Egg And Olive Oil Hair Mask

In this treatment, you have to use other natural conditioners such as peeled cucumber and eggs to provide extra nourishment to extremely dry hair. Eggs are rich in protein and fortify the hair shaft, thereby strengthening the damaged hair. Cucumbers help to remove the oil residue and traces of shampoo. Mix 1 egg, ½ peeled and chopped cucumber, and 4 tbsp of olive oil in a blender and apply the mixture with a brush on the hair. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and wash twice with a nourishing shampoo.

Have you ever tried olive oil treatment for dry hair? The treatment time can vary from person to person and depends upon the extent of damage to your hair. If your hair is extremely brittle and dry, you should keep the oil for at least 45 minutes or even overnight. For treating minor dryness, 15 to 30 minutes is enough to get desired results.


Many of us believe that when it comes to makeup – eyes are the focal point. But, we cannot really ignore our lips! Beautiful lips can make any makeup look appear stunning and alluring. They can give you a bold look and when toned down a notch, can make you look super feminine!

5 Ways To Prevent Lipstick Transferring To Glasses And Collars:

The 5 ways listed here to prevent your lipstick from transferring will definitely blow your mind! So, now you will really know how to tweak your lip makeup to get ready for a stain-proof day. I know I know, you are eager to get into the knowhow! So, let me spare the formalities of an introduction and dive right into the 5 amazing tips to make your lips transfer-proof :

1. Wear A Lip Liner:

One of the great ways to make your lips stand out bold and noticeable is to wear a lip liner prior to the application of a lipstick. But, this step also prevents transferring of your lipstick. The lip liner formula is generally slightly dry in texture and holds up the creamy formula of your lipstick, preventing transferring. A lip liner accentuates the shape of your lips, helps create depth and also keeps your favorite lip color in place to give you transfer-proof and long-lasting lip makeup.

2. Try A Lip Primer:

John Stapleton, the senior artist of M.A.C. Cosmetics sums up the role of a primer “If you want your paint to stick on the wall flawlessly you need to prime it first.” A lip primer helps in preparing your lips by creating an even and flawless base. The components in the lip primer formula also increase the longevity of your lipsticks as well as prevent transferring to collars and glasses.

3. Remember To Blot:

Just as you would require oil blotting papers to help prevent slipping of makeup and reset your makeup, blotting you lipstick helps prevent shifting of the formula. It is a simple, yet an effective trick. Now start applying a thin layer of your lipstick all over your lips, and then take a single clean tissue paper and blot your lips. Then, follow it with another layer of your lipstick to finish sealing the formula. All you have to remember to get this trick right is to avoid blotting forcefully as you don’t want to remove or wear off your lipstick completely!

4. Powder Up:

This trick is another simple yet effective way to seal your lipsticks. After applying your lipstick, take your favorite compact or translucent powder in a large brush and dust it all over your lips to set your lipstick. Then re-apply another layer of the lipstick and you are done. It is also a great trick to use a blush matching your lipstick and pat it over the top of your lipstick to keep it intact. The powder formula helps in reducing excess moisture from the lipstick, which is the sole reason of feathering and transferring from your lip line.

5. Try Foundation:

Just like a lip liner helps in holding lipstick in place, applying foundation and setting it with compact powder helps in preparing your lips for lipstick application. It helps in creating an even base as well as prevents transferring of the lipsticks from the lip line.


Who wouldn’t want to have an angelic, pure face like a baby? In some countries like Korea and Thailand, this ‘Baby Face’ makeup is quite popular. It is essentially makeup that makes young women’s faces look like that of a cherubic baby. It is a very easy makeup to put on and requires very few ingredients. Those who do not like spending hours in front of the mirror putting on layers of makeup would find this ideal.


First of all, you need to moisturize your face. The desired complexion is supposed to be dewy but matte. So put your concealer on parts of your face that show signs of aging. Use a concealer on blemishes, acne or puffiness under the cheeks. Blend the concealer with the rest of the face.


You usually put foundation all over your face in all kinds of makeup. But not in this one. You want to avoid a cakey look, so dot your foundation on areas of your face that need it the most. Blend it using your fingers. In fact, it is better to use a CC cream instead of foundation or BB cream. This helps you capture the dewy look of a baby. Blend from the center of the face towards the outer edges.


Now that you have the base in place, it is time to seal it with a powder. The powder not only helps achieve the matte look, but also keeps the makeup in place. If you don’t want to dull the shininess of the base with a powder, apply the powder along your jaw line and edge of the forehead. This will prevent your hair from sticking to your face.


 Babies have pinkish and lavender cheeks that a bronzer or a regular blush cannot capture. However, a lavender tinted blush can capture its essence. If you can find a lavender blush, dot the powder on your cheekbones. Now using your brush, blend the blush in straight strokes from the center towards the ear. You must remember that the blush should be barely there. Otherwise you would look like an asphyxiated blue baby.


You must know that babies hardly ever have straight, thin brows. But for Baby Face makeup, you also do not want a bushy, unkempt brow. So here is the trick – if you have thin, well tended eyebrows, use mascara on your eyebrows to fluff them up a little. Then use a pencil of the same color to draw around the border of the eyebrows to make it appear thicker. If you already have thick brows, use an eyebrow comb to arrange your eyebrows in a neat shape. The arch of the eyebrow in Baby Face makeup should not be more or less straight and must not be too long. So use your tools to make your eyebrow appear as natural as possible.


You do not use any eyeliner in Baby Face makeup because kids hardly ever have thick eyelashes. But to give your tired eyelids a lift, you can use eyeshadow. Use a natural eyeshadow, a color that best suits your skin color. A pink shimmer eyeshadow adds an angelic touch to the face. This is for the eyelid. For under the eye, use tiny dots of brown eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eye and blend. On the inner edge, a tiny dab of champagne glitter looks nice.

Baby Lips

If you regularly moisturize your lips, just a coat of Baby Lips will do. But if you defect on this moisturizing routine regularly, you need to scrub the flaky skin first. Apply a pink or orange lip tint on your scrubbed bare lips.


Before we delve into the big questions, let’s take a look at what dandruff is all about. Dandruff refers to the tiny flakes of dead skin on the scalp that usually cause an itching sensation. It can lead to a whole lot of problems, such as, a dry scalp and hair fall. Owing to our hectic lifestyles and dietary habits, dandruff has become a growing concern. So, a set of experts from Lybrate – well-known doctors and homeopaths – are here to answer the most common questions regarding the causes and prevention of dandruff. Read on and pose your queries to get a .

1. What Are The Most Common Causes Of Dandruff?

There are various types of dandruff, usually caused by certain medical conditions. There are:

1. The most common dandruff is caused as a result of a fungus called Malassezia. These fungi usually live on the scalp in a dormant state. At times, unknown circumstances instigate them to proliferate, due to which the scalp begins to flake.

3. Psoriasis also affects the scalp and results in an overgrowth of skin cells which eventually flake and thicken.

4. Apart from these medical conditions, hormonal changes, heart disease, anemia, autoimmune disorders, stress, worry, hereditary problems, and nutritional deficiencies can also cause dandruff.

2. Does Dandruff Lead To Hair Fall?

Most people who suffer from dandruff also report hair loss. There seems to be a connection between dandruff and hair fall. It is possible that what causes one issue, also causes the other. Dandruff usually causes itching, and when you scratch, the trauma caused to the follicles could lead to hair loss. Well, both the problems are not very flattering. The good news is that both the conditions can be treated and, more often than not, by the same remedy. It is very important to treat dandruff before you opt for hair loss treatments, if both the problems are inter-related. .

3. What Should We Include In Our Diet To Prevent And Reduce Dandruff?


A good balanced diet is essential for healthy living. It also helps in keeping the scalp and hair healthy. Here are a few dietary changes you can make to curb dandruff:

  1. Include green leafy vegetables, nuts, fresh fruits, and pulses in your diet.
  2. Eggs contain important nutrients, proteins, zinc, iron, vitamin B12, and a generous amount of omega-6 fatty acids, and all these nutrients are extremely essential for a healthy scalp. Therefore, include eggs in your diet.
  3. Load up on vitamins, especially vitamin B.
  4. Follow a protein-rich diet.
  5. Make sure you have eight to ten glasses of water every day.
  6. Completely avoid spicy food, fried food, ketchup, and aerated drinks.

4. How Can We Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally?

1. Maintaining personal hygiene is extremely essential. Not only will it help in eliminating the dandruff, but it will also prevent it from recurring. Shampooing your hair on a daily basis is not a good idea.This will turn your scalp dry and flaky. If you suffer from dandruff, wash your hair thrice a week, making sure you massage your scalp with oil before you wash it. Avoid using hair sprays and gels. They don’t do any good to your hair.

2. To maintain a healthy, dandruff-free scalp, it is extremely essential to increase blood circulation. Combing your hair thoroughly every day will help regulate the blood flow. Massage well with Jaborandi hair oil. It will help in killing the fungus, and thus reducing dandruff.

3. Reducing unnecessary stress and extreme anger will also help in eliminating dandruff. Make sure you get your sound eight-hour sleep and exercise regularly.

4. You could also use DIY remedies using neem leaves, fenugreek, and lemon. They all have properties that will help thwart the dandruff. .

5. Name Some Safe Alternative Medicines To Cure Dandruff.

  1. Use Arbor. Vit200 to cure dandruff. Add 5 drops of the medicine in little water, and drink before you sleep. Do this for a week.
  2. Take 4 drops of Phosphorus 30 in a little bit of water and consume twice a day for about 15 days.
  3. Take 5 drops of Thuja 200, once a week in the mornings.
  4. Mix one part of coconut oil with one part of Arnica Q and one part of Cochleria Arom, and apply it on your scalp thrice a week.
  5. Mix 4 drops of Wiesbaden 200 in a little water, and consume twice a day for 15 days.
  6. Have 4 tablets of Natrum Mur 6X thrice a day.
  7. Wash your hair with B&T anti-dandruff shampoo.
  8. Use a shampoo that contains tea-tree oil, ketoconazole, and zinc pyrithione. It will definitely reduce the flaking.
  9. Venome shampoo from Biovalley also is a great option to cure dandruff.
  10. An anti-dandruff oil by Willmar Schwabe India is a great remedy for dandruff. Apply it on your scalp twice a week and make sure you leave it on overnight.

Eyebrow tinting has taken the world by storm, and how!

But seeing how most salons charge anywhere upwards of 25$ (and those are the most basic ones) for one teeny sitting barely lasting 10 minutes, for a fix that’ll barely last you a month, mastering the art of the DIY tint is more an obligation than a choice. I mean, think about it—25 times 12 (for every month that you’ll need to go back to the salon for a touch up) works up to a neat 300 friggin’ dollars! And like they say ‘every dollar saved is a dollar earned’!

So, let’s get cracking shall we?

How To Prepare Before Tinting Eyebrows

There are plenty of reasons you might want to tint your brows (or consider tinting them, if you aren’t on this bandwagon already). While the most obvious reason is the color pay off, especially if you’re pale skinned and have light eyebrows, darker toned people too can look at tinting their brows for a more fuller look. In fact, whatever be your complexion, if sparse eyebrows are a headache you’d rather not deal with, tinting is the miracle you’ve been waiting for all your life.

To start, let’s keep a few key pointers in mind

  1. Tinting your eyebrows requires you to use dye on your brow hair. Which means you’re going to be getting it on your skin. Now, whether you choose to use a chemical or a vegetable dye, different people are known to react to dyes differently, because of which a patch test is highly recommended.

To do a patch test, apply a small amount of your chosen dye to the inside of your wrist or upper arm. Leave the dye on for a bit and then wash it off with water. Over the next 48 hours, wait to see if the dye irritates your skin in any way. If not, you’re good to go.

  1. Avoid plucking/tweezing/threading your eyebrows for a week before tinting your brows as these processes tend to leave the skin irritated and inflamed.
  2. In order to choose the right color for your skin tone, we’d suggest matching the color of your darkest hair strands or going one or two shades darker than your natural color. Which means, if you’re a blonde, go for light brown, dirty blonde/brunette-dark brown, and so on.

Contrasting brows are right on trend these days, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you could go for a right out contrast too. Black brows on blonde hair, that sort.

  1. Clean your eyebrows to make sure they’re free of any product or dirt.

To do this, you could either use a wet cotton pad or swab or soft dry cotton cloth. Make sure that your brow is completely dry before you start tinting them as the color may not stick as well on wet hair.

  1. To avoid getting color on the skin around the brow, use a cotton swab dipped in Vaseline, or any other petroleum jelly. Coat the skin around the brow lightly with the petroleum jelly, taking care to not get any on the brow itself.

Most of us know honey as an alternative sweetener contributing to a healthier lifestyle. But who knew that slathering the sticky, sweet substance onto your hair could help? Okay, some of you probably did know honey has conditioning properties. But did you know that it’s also a great ingredient for boosting hair growth?

Is Honey Good For Hair Growth?

  • Honey is an emollient which means it seals moisture in your hair, keeping it conditioned. This reduces breakage, which is often a cause for slower hair growth.
  • It has rich antioxidant properties which prevent damage, keeping your scalp and hair healthy.
  • Honey strengthens the hair follicles, curbing hair fall.
  • Honey also comprises antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. This prevents scalp infections and soothes issues like dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis, allowing for unhindered hair growth.
  • Honey cleans the hair follicles by getting rid of impurities. This minimized clogging is often a reason for hair loss.
  • Using honey as a hair care ingredient not only boosts hair growth but also stimulates hair re-growth from dormant follicles.

Keeping these points in mind, I have put together a list of 15 honey hair masks that helps promote hair growth.

Honey For Hair Growth – 15 Homemade Masks

1. Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask Recipe

  • You Will Need
  • Half cup Honey
  • 1/4th cup Olive Oil
  • 1/4th cup Buttermilk (optional)

Processing Time
30 minutes


  1. Blend the honey and olive oil together and microwave for 30 seconds.
  2. Once the mixture has cooled, add the buttermilk and stir.
  3. Now, apply this evenly all over your hair.
  4. Leave the honey mask on for about 30 minutes.
  5. Wear a plastic cap to prevent dripping.
  6. Rinse out the mask with cool/lukewarm water and shampoo.

How Often?
2-4 times a month

Why This Works

Olive oil is a natural conditioner that improves hair health while the honey boosts hair growth.

2. Banana And Honey Hair Mask Recipe

You Will Need

  • 2 Ripe Bananas
  • Half cup Honey
  • 1/4th cup Olive Oil
  • Processing Time
  • 20 minutes


The problem with this hair mask is that banana gets stuck to the hair and is hard to wash off. You can increase the amount of olive oil to make the mixture even smoother.

  1. Blend the ingredients till they turn into a smooth, consistent mixture.
  2. Apply this onto your hair and scalp evenly.
  3. Leave the mixture on for about 20 minutes
  4. Wear a shower cap to avoid a mess.
  5. Rinse the mask out with cool/lukewarm water and shampoo.
  6. Comb through the hair to get rid of banana chunks. Rinse again.

How Often?

3-4 times a month

Why This Works

Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium, all of which are essential for healthy hair growth.

3. Egg And Honey Hair Mask

You Will Need

  • 2 Whole Eggs
  • 1 cup Honey

Processing Time
20 minutes


  1. Beat 2 eggs and to this, add half a cup of honey.
  2. Mix the ingredients until you get a smooth, consistent mixture.
  3. Apply the mixture onto your hair, starting at the roots and working it down to the tips.
  4. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse the mask out with cool/lukewarm water and shampoo.

How Often?
3-4 times a month.

Why This Works
Eggs are power packed with the right proteins your hair needs to grow. This pack provides your follicles with the nourishment required for healthy hair growth.

4. Avocado And Honey Hair Mask

You Will Need

  • 1 Ripe Avocado
  • 1/2 cup Honey

Processing Time
20 minutes


  1. Blend half a cup of honey with one ripe avocado
  2. Apply this mixture evenly to coat the full length of your hair.
  3. Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can wear a shower cap to avoid a mess.
  4. Shampoo and rinse off with a honey solution.

How Often?
3-4 times a month.

Why This Works
Avocados are packed with antioxidants that prevent damage and boost scalp health. It also contains oils that nourish and condition your hair.

5. Yogurt And Honey Hair Mask

You Will Need

  • 1 cup Sour Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Honey

Processing Time
15 minutes


  1. Blend the yogurt with the honey until you get a smooth mixture.
  2. Start applying the mixture to your hair from the roots to the tips.
  3. Wear a shower cap to avoid a mess and wait for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash off with cool/lukewarm water and shampoo.

How Often?
Once a week.

Why This Work
Yogurt adds shine to your hair while the honey thickens it. The citric acid present in yogurt effectively fights dandruff.

6. Coconut Oil And Honey Mask

  • You Will Need
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 cup Honey

Processing Time
15 minutes


  1. For a quick hair mask, blend half a cup of coconut oil (for shoulder length hair) with half a cup of honey.
  2. For those who have longer or shorter hair, adjust the proportions accordingly.
  3. Massage this into your hair thoroughly and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse the mask out with cool/lukewarm water and shampoo.